Energy & Utility

Offering a broad spectrum of IT solutions in energy & utility to meet the challenges

Energy & Utility

Gas, water, and electricity services are part of the energy & utility sector, and powerless without integrating technology into their business model. Whether it’s all about improving client experience or restructuring operations, IT plays a vital role in taking businesses to the next level.Energy

IT Farm associates with energy & utility companies to leverage them reinvent their business models to meet the ongoing trends. We provide an extensive verity of customized IT solutions to the companies working in this sector. With years of experience, we are a leading IT services provider in energy &utility sector including:

Enterprise Solutions

The enterprise solutions presented by us for energy & utility sector – aim to achieve targets, improve technical abilities, and eradicate all geographical barriers when it comes about circulating information. We provide IT solutions for:

  • Inventory System
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Product Engineering
  • Suppliers Management
  • Cost Management
  • Analytical Reporting

We understand that one size doesn’t cover all, so we provide personalized enterprise solutions as per requirements.

Customer Service Augmentation Solution

Gone are the days when people used to pay utility bills standing in long ques. Now, utility bills can pay through smartphone applications. We leverage businesses by offering solutions for:

  • Paying online utility bills
  • Allowing people to track and manage energy usage
  • Registering complaints
  • Communication about payment reminders, service updates, delivery information

We are adept in software development, web application development, IoT and AI-based platforms.


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