Testing and QA

Testing and QA

Delivering an error-free app or website to potential customers has become utmost important. To keep an eye on whether the application is meeting the requirements or not as expected, Quality Assurance plays a crucial role. These Quality Assurance services enable you to identify the possible errors and give you an idea of amendments by using Testing Services. At IT Farm, we’ll offer a full suite of Quality Assurance Services to track the requirements.Testing & QA

  • QA Process Evaluation
  • QA Requirements Analysis
  • QA Design
  • Test Planning and Case Development
  •  Load Testing
  • Manual and Automated Testing

We offer an extensive spectrum of testing services based upon user’s requirements. Many apps meant for social networking are accessed through a rigorous load testing by experts. Depending on the requirements, we would consider stress testing, performance, load testing, and so on.

Testing is performed to boost customer satisfaction as it marginally decreases the performance risk. We work around the clock and meet stringent deadlines. We follow strict measures in protecting the trust of our valued clients, therefore we get an NDA signed by company and employees working on the project.

We are a team of versed testers who believe in a customer-oriented approach to focus on achieved goals and yet to achieve ones. From logical errors to technical flaws in designs are straight reported and repaired by us. We are testing and QA experts of Web Applications, Games, eCommerce, and Mobile Apps.

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